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Welcome to the American Indian Veteran’s Memorial Organization website.

“The American Indian Veterans Memorial Organization was created to establish a memorial to honor the American Indian veterans of all wars and to establish a place for such veterans, their families, and friends to gather, and pay tribute to living and deceased American Indian veterans.”

Steele Indian School Park Pond

The American Indian Veterans Memorial will be located in Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, Arizona. The memorial will be built on a prominent site west of the hummingbird-shaped pond, forever symbolizing peace and healing and gracefully offering everlasting and timeless visibility in honor of American Indian Veterans.

“The hummingbird is prevalent in many tribal stories. They are spiritual messengers that bring rain or tobacco. They are associated with joy and harmony. It is heartwarming to know the location of the Veteran’s Memorial is at the underside of the bird’s wing as a way to further symbolize peace and healing.”

Steele Indian School Park

With the creation of Steele Indian School Park in 2001, the City of Phoenix began the unique and challenging task of creating a community park that represents the indigenous principles of balance and interconnectedness. The park itself sits on the land that once that was once home to the Phoenix Indian School, a boarding school for American Indians from around the country that operated from around 1891 until it was closed by the Federal Government in 1990.

Steele Indian School Pond

The park’s beginnings are rooted in the circle, a common concept to all tribes and even to the City of Phoenix itself as it moves towards the future. The memorial will be juxtaposed next to a body of water, Steele Indian School Pond.